Submitted by Shawn Conn on Tue, 08/18/2009 - 20:47

Everything has been set in motion for the house; A purchase agreement agreed upon, mortgage application applied for, and home inspection has been inspected. Unlike the last house I was eying, this looks like everything should be going according to plan. There is still much to do, but it should be exciting. Outside a few details that were somewhat out of my hand, I'm fully in control of my living arrangements now. It's a matter of details now.

The place I'm getting is pretty much exactly what I wanted, biking distances from work, open kitchen/living area, master bedroom, fairly neutral colors, all (new ones at that) appliances, space for hot tub. The only thing I had to compromise was a place for a pool table. The space needed for such was compromised by another parameter, a cost of at most $120K. Knowing that I might not be at the house for the very long term, it was best that I limited myself to that much of a purchase price with a 30 year fixed mortgage. To get a place with enough floor space to accommodate such a large thing as a pool table, I would have probably either had to spend more or live further away from the city. Given all that I got, I can be pretty satisfied with only having to compromise on one thing.

Closing occurs on the 25th of September, and I should be able to move in shortly afterward. There's still a lot to furnish, though it will be nice not have to worry about the appliances. Between my current possessions I think I can get a room or 2 finished, but not much more than that. Before it can host the new BWM, it definitely will need some more furnishing. A good name for the place is in order as well...nothing comes to mind right now however. I'm shooting for the end of October or mid November for everything to be finished but no guarantees on that yet.