Submitted by Shawn Conn on Thu, 09/10/2009 - 22:04
  • The Gay Science should be made in a big production stage musical. Not that it would be a good musical (who knows?). I just base this my own idea of completely confusing dim-witted people not brushed up on their Nietzsche. I would gather their thinking would be "God is Dead" + title = homosexuality is wrapped in a plot to take down religion.
  • If I was going to open up my own chinese-buffet style restaurant it would be West-Coast Gangsta Murder Rap themed. I believe the name would be '''Gansta Blossom'''. It would feature great dishes like Gangsta Tso's Chicken. The advertisements of course would say "East meets West in this hip-hop infused restaurant to bring you the flavor of the Orient with the style of a West-Coast G". Fresh.
  • It would be really cool if those timed stoplight, not the one activated by sensors in the ground, had an animation counting down how many seconds were left of Green. This way you'd be able to tell whether your car had enough time to make it past the Intersection.
  • Evan Rodich has brain stormed a great idea. '''Junk Science Journal''' the idea would the first, ''first'', '''FIRST''' peer-reviewed, fact-checked, research journal for bullshit pseudoscience. Evan would like to see advertisements run in the magazine for bullshit weight-loss pills and useless new exercise equipment. Better yet, we would get funding from the people who sell mind-crystals and magnet therapy crap because they could cite Junk Science Journal in claiming that their crap "Really Works!" Funding would have to start out small. One of the first experiments we've done is study the effect of Doritos on Cats. Our findings show that 1 of 2 cats will lick a Dorito chip for it's zesty cheese flavor. However, 0 of 2 cats will, ''actually eat the Dorito''. More studies are needed.
  • Apparently Married With Children (or "Married...With Children" even though I never saw ellipses ANYWHERE during the show) has been shown, and recreated, in a fuck ton of other countries. The thought that foreigners seeing that show and really believing this is how Americans live makes me smile. I also love some of the translations of the title which sound more depressing than the original title. The Swedes have a nice translation, Våra värsta år, or "Our Worst Years".
  • Lenny and I were talking how Chad Kimes should have his own show. Our idea for the first season would attempt to get Chad kicked out every country possible by being as offending as possible. Highlights would include; his near escape of a beheading in Iran for claiming the Prophet "was a pussy" for not drinking alcohol; him getting in fights in India because people don't eat beef; and him being barred from Zimbabwe by telling people to stop being fucking lazy and start building more McDonalds so people can fix the starvation problems.