A Look Back

For good number of years I've been making, writing, and maintaining websites; Starting first with crappy AOL pages, moving on to the infamous Steve's Backyard Boxing, later with my sister's salon website, to creation of my blog,"Who is the Man with the Name that Rhymes?" which would become later be moved to the domain ShawnConn.com, on to version 3 that made use of CSS, PHP, and MySQL, and finally, with my new job as a web developer, on to new revisions of all my websites, including this version, built on Drupal. While the former designs have been thrown away, the content still remains on this page for reading.

Who is..? Version 5

Who is the Man with the Name that Rhymes? (version 5)

Build off of Drupal 6, this site provided a much easier-to-use site now that I didn't have to worry about hand crafting HTML. I used the Pixeled theme. Along the way, some insightful commentary was made...

Who is the Man with the Name that Rhymes? (version 4)

Once I picked a full time web development job, in addition to freelance jobs, I discovered the wonderful Drupal CMS. Taking the existing design and tweaking it further, I created a Drupal theme that was pretty similar to my old site. With that done, I imported all the old content from my basic CMS and started a new with a Drupal powered site. Along the way, I developed a couple of modules that suited my CMS needed and posted them on Drupal. This site stood until I upgraded the site to Drupal 6 using a pre-existing theme tweaked to my own liking.

Who is the Man with the Name that Rhymes? (version 3)

Tired of maintaining the HTML on my site and having to deal with frames that kept screwing with caching. I decided to rebuild Who Is from the ground up again. Taking the time to teach myself PHP and MySQL, I build a basic content management system with a web interface and its own markup language.

Who is the Man with the Name that Rhymes? (version 2)

Created on Thursday March 6th, 2003 (the date of the first post), this new version of "Who is..." was to replace my old blog. Not only was it made to move away from Blogger.com but it was to compile my blog, and other web pages I had online. During its run I bought up ShawnConn.com and redirected it to that site. The design made use of a yellow-manilla folder background with a heavy use of a monospace (Courier New) font, which was chosen for the "importance" it gave to the words. Interestingly, I recently read that monospace is much more difficult to scan than other fonts. I guess that would give credibility to the font's importance; a font that's difficult to scan would have to be read slower, thus seeming more important.

Who is the Man with the Name that Rhymes? (version 1)

My blog was created on January 14th 2002. Having a little knowledge of HTML from back when I was creating pages on AOL and ametuer writing, I was motivated to create one of these blog things when people started talking about them in early 2002. The design was one of the stock layouts that I found the most compelling. Though its no longer around(it was hosted on my long gone Purdue webspace), you can find an old snap shot here. You can find all the content below.

Steve's Backyard Boxing: The Website

The story of how Steve's Backyard Boxing, SBB, and its website came to be is a long and bit fuzzy in my mind. It started during the summer of 2000. One day in April 2000 Steve Knight, at his new apartment in down Jeffersonville,IN, invited people to come over to box, hang out, and drink beer. In the following months into summer Steve started a local phenomenon among our friends. Every other Sunday people would go to his house, hang out and participate in SBB. During these events local director, editor, and film fanatic Ted Gohmann filmed SBB events for later viewing. Sometime during the summer, I believe it was at a pool party I had thrown, Steve remarked how great it would be if I used my new video capture card to capture the fights and then place them on the Internet for everyone to see. With that in mind, I started getting the VHS tapes from both Steve and Ted to capture to my computer.

Read more about the backyard boxing history.