The Man with the Name that Rhymes

Hello! I'm Shawn Conn, the eponymous man with the name that rhymes. You've stumbled across my website. For whatever reason, you've taken an interest in me. I'll state some facts.

I've been blogging on and off for around 14 years or so. I usually write about whatever topics interest me at the time. As the picture shows, I'm a middle class white guy who's next to technology. My blog reflects that perspective. I write about technology, video games, economics, philosphical stuff and other abstract topics that catch my wandering mind. Politics might fall into there too.

If you want to apply some labels to me: aloof, affable, a former Hoosier, a midwestern Pacific Northwest transplantBoilermaker alumni, burnt out hard-core gamer, a full-stack LAMP/Drupal developer, an uncle, a strong agnostic, a self-employed consultant/developer, a lexicomane, a self-described pragamatic libertarian (i.e. I understand its drawbacks vis-à-vis the near common good), and a friend to many. 

I use to chronical more of my life in detail here, but that's relegated to ephemera of social media now (see below for such links). Thus, expect more long-form posts here, while other witty trite stuff gets posted to social media networks of your choice.

I hope you enjoy the reading!